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Hi I'm Annie, a Dru Yoga teacher, Dru Dance teacher and musician. After experiencing many different styles of yoga over the years I trained in Dru yoga (qualified 2012) a form of hatha yoga because of its inclusive ethos and its flowing, gentle nature. Since then I have taught full time combining classes, and witnessed tthe blossoming of a vibrant and supportive yoga community. In 2015 I trained as a Dru Dance teacher, a movement form that combines classic yoga with dance choreography, not because I'm a great dancer (I'm not!) but because I love to move and simply it makes me happy. After I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2018 I trained as a yin yoga teacher a form based on traditional chinese medicine. I am also trained in yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and have training in psychology and psychotherapy

I really enjoy the yoga sessions, and they have helped prevent running injuries. 



The Saturday morning class is a great way to start the weekend. Positive and relaxing, yet invigorating.



Annie is a good teacher and her lovely classes are blessed with warmth and humour:


Annie's Saturday morning classes provide a lovely and relaxing but energising start to the weekend. All the week's tension can be released in 1 and a half hours - highly recommended! 
Annie has a natural warmth that permeates the class, resulting in happy and friendly sessions. We all leave smiling and uplifted. 

I attend Annie's Saturday morning DRU Yoga class and have benefitted greatly due to regular practice. Annie communicates with empathy, clarity and enthusiasm that permeates the body and soul, having positive and long lasting and effects. I walk into the class but glide out! 



Annie creates a caring, peaceful environment and is an encouraging, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. There's a friendly atmosphere in the class and I like the way she explains the way that whatever we're doing is benefiting the body/mind.


The classes are fun but with serious intent. Annie is an expert and entertaining guide to Dru Yoga and I always feel better at the end of a class than I did at the beginning.


I am new to yoga and have attended a few of Annie's classes. I was nervous at the beginning but Annie was very welcoming and she made me feel comfortable in her classes of more experienced members. She's really good at making sure you achieve the best possible with each pose and will take the time to help you without it impacting on the rest of the class. Her general pace is one where you can gain the greatest benefit of each pose resulting is a relaxing yet fun experience. I have never left a session of hers feeling anything other than relaxed, inspired and at peace with a smile.


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